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CRM at Hassia Mineralquellen

Eric Fridrich
Project Manager

The update solution came with extensive industry-specific functions for the beverage industry.

Sparkling customer relationships

Beverage producer Hassia Mineralquellen not only needs to master the challenges of indirect distribution, it also needs to get more than a dozen different beverage brands onto retailers’ shelves.The update CRM solution supports Hassia’s goal of having full shelves and satisfied customers in the stores.

Areas of application: Sales | Marketing
Number of users: approx. 165
Installations: throughout Germany
Solution: update.seven


  • Relationship management (retail stores, beverage wholesalers, restaurants)
  • Storage of contracts and agreements
  • Storage of prices and conditions
  • Comprehensive POS analysis
  • Integrated listing maintenance
  • Defining of distribution targets
  • Seamless promotion management
  • Contract and agreement storage
  • Comprehensive customer visit and reporting system


Mastering complex challenges

Hassia laid the foundations for a successful CRM project in 2005. “Hassia’s requirements were very extensive and ambitious,” says Klaus Eichhorn, Synergy’s general manager. “Discipline and limiting ourselves to the most important points at first were thus the top priorities for everyone involved.” SYNERGY and Hassia first set out to compile the functional specifications, encompassing the most important requirements for the CRM system. Customer support, listing control and promotion management were at the top of the wish list. After this, all potential providers were reviewed. Eichhorn comments: “Only very few solutions are able to truly cover the industry’s special requirements.” Hassia was already using two CRM systems at the time from CAS Kaiserslautern and CAS Software Karlsruhe, but the company wanted a unified and future-proof solution.

About Hassia Mineralquellen GmbH & Co

Hassia Mineralquellen GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Bad Vilbel, is one of the five largest companies in the German beverages industry. The Hassia Group was founded when innkeeper Johann Philipp Wilhelm Hinkel first tapped a spring in 1864. Today, in addition to the Hassia mineral water spring, the company’s stock comprises many other assets, including the companies Lichtenauer, Thüringer Waldquell, Glashäger, Rapp’s, Kumpf and the Wilhelmsthaler mineral springs. The
Group employs approximately 700 people throughout Germany. The beverage producer’s portfolio includes lemonade and fruit juice in addition to mineral water.


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