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  • Bank Gutmann
    Bank Gutmann
  • Bawag P.S.K.
    BAWAG P.S.K.

    We regarded the focus on the financial industry of update CRM as a benefit since no comprehensive customization was necessary.

    Kaspar Trachsel
    Head of CRM, BAWAG P.S.K.
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  • K+H Bank
    K&H Bank
  • Mayflower
    Mayflower Capital AG

    update has proven itself in practical application. The strong sales orientation of the interfaces and the prospect of quick and successful experiences in sales were also important to us. The system from update brought along the great flexibility required for a single sign-on concept and the integration of a multitude of tools on the basis of Web services.

    Dr. Carsten Stockmann
    Member of the Executive Board of Mayflower Capital AG
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  • Meeùs

    For the private individual clients, we can observe an increase of around 15% in customer satisfaction following the transition.

    Rosé van Velzen
    CRM Programm Manager
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  • multisafe
  • OVB Holding
    OVB Holding AG

    update has outstanding professional expertise in our business area. They speak our language and understand our requirements. Communication in the project is not stiff and formalistic, but goal-oriented all the same. For the fulfillment of the technical requirements and our precise specifica¬tions, as well as the behavior of the project team during the performance tests, update was significantly better than the competition.

    Axel Weeber
    Chief Information Officer of OVB Holding AG
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  • Raiffeisen Schweiz

    Based on the references and the company’s professional demeanor, the expectations were surely very high, however they were fulfilled completely.

    Andreas Salcher
    Director of Segment Mgmnt, Corp. Customers
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  • Constantia Privatbank
    Semper Constantia Privatbank
  • Sparkasse Hildesheim
    Sparkasse Hildesheim

    Conversations are conducted in a consistent and structured manner, and customers are provided with high-quality consulting services.

    Peter Block
    Board Member, Sparkasse Hildesheim
  • Unicredit Bank
    UniCredit Bank Hungary

    As a longstanding update customer with an aggressive growth strategy, we have decided to use the web version of update’s solution for our entire sales department. The results to date confirm that we have made the right decision.

    Ralf Cymanek
    Member of the Executive Board
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