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  • Alk Abello
    ALK Abelló

    All inquiries are now documented. This means that updated and comprehensive information is readily available, even when customer advisors change or when medical aspects must be taken over by other employees.

    Michael Stoffers
    Head of the International Competence Center CRM, ALK-Abelló
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  • Bioscientia

    With the ready availability of the information in the CRM system, we could really save considerable time.

    Heike Bopp
    Project Leader Sales, Bioscientia GmbH
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  • Daiichi Sankyo
    Daiichi Sankyo

    Our CRM system is used very actively today, also as a communication platform for customer inquiries. This way, interdepartmental transparency reigns.

    Simone Mai
    Project Director for the CRM introduction at Daiichi Sankyo Deutschland GmbH
  • Johanniter
    Die Johanniter

    With many years of experience in the industry, update made the decision relatively easy for us.

    Andreas Hautmann
    from the State Management Committee of JUH Bavaria
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  • Dr. Grandel

    The contact frequency has quadrupled since the introduction of the CRM system; and at the same time the quality of the contacts and the efficiency of each sales employee has increased. Customers have noticed the change and tell us that their information base has gotten better.

    Richard Kratzer
    Resource manager in the Retail Division
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  • Jenapharm

    The flexibility of the data model and the simple usage of the update CRM solutions enable us to react quickly to the adaptation wishes of the users which basically contribute to the acceptance of the system.

    Torsten Pach
    Head of ITQA, JenapharmGmbH & Co. KG
  • Mundipharma

    By using the marketing.manager, the CRM software from update, not only could processes be simplified but it also helps us better deal with our customers’ needs. The efficiency of individual support provided by our field service for our target group could be significantly increased. The clear structure of the solution accounts for easy user acceptance.

    Dietmar Leitner
    Managing Director, Mundipharma
  • Pascoe

    What was especially important for us was to obtain an all around view of our customers with our CRM solution – as a basis for an ideally profound service.

    Burkhard Runtsch
    Department Manager of Organization and Logistics at Pascoe
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  • Paul Hartmann

    The complexity of the relationship networks is increasing, as there is an observable trend towards concentration. update.seven provides a clear visual map of these structures that is completely integrated

    Stefan Eder
    Project Manager Process and Information Management, PAUL HARTMANN AG
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  • Ratiopharm

    This industry-oriented solution offered all of the functionality that a modern pharmaceutical company needs.

    Hatice Camdere
    Head of internal sales Germany, Ratiopharm
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  • Schuelke_Mayr
    Schülke & Mayr

    The Special Additives International division has enjoyed an increase in sales revenue and territorial expansion. The Sailor (update.seven) has contributed significantly to this success!

    Thomas Finnern
    CRM manager, Schülke & Mayr GmbH
  • Spirig

    The deciding factors for us were the high flexibility, the easy handling and the scalability, also through additional modules that we didn’t use until after the launch, or will use in the future. Strategically, the web alignment was also important

    Adolf Klaiber
    Director of Business Development at Spirig Pharma GmbH
    with PDF download
  • Wala

    We have gotten a better view of our customers' needs, so we can offer them better service.

    Daniel Häberle
    Project Manager Sales / CRM at Wala Heilmittel GmbH
  • Weleda

    This solution can be easily adjusted to our needs, so we are able to implement it at least partly on our own.

    Simone Mezger
    IT Project and Organization Management, Weleda AG
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