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Industry expertise and industry specialization in all sectors -- these are essential components of our corporate philosophy. update concentrates on the life sciences, financial services, manufacturing, and construction and construction supply industries. From our worldwide partner network, we recommend specialists who focus on additional industries and can assist you with their CRM and industry expertise.

Our partners share our engagement and offer you ongoing support on-site -- from planning to implementation and beyond. They see to it that you receive the best solution for your business, attuned to your personal needs.
Our partner solutions are based on our leading, easy-to-use CRM suite update.CRM, which covers all processes in marketing, sales, and service and can be adapted easily to your company-specific processes.

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  • Know and understand your industry and your market -- company branch offices.
  • Have the necessary resources and the proven experience -- your certified update solution partner.


First, please select a specialized industry. In the next step, you can then filter our partners to suit your regional focus.
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