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Analytical CRM evaluates customer data and therefore helps to improve customer relationships. With integrated evaluation functions users can analyze corporate data directly in the CRM system.

Business intelligence systems collect, evaluate, and display a company's electronic data. These analytical processes and procedures are usually the responsibility of in-house IT departments and are therefore obscure for the operational staff.

With their methodical evaluation of customer data, quick, needs-based analyses and reports about operative data provide results that can be interpreted quickly, which serve as objective decision-making bases for entrepreneurial decisions.


Analysis & Reporting

Evaluation functions for your CRM system

CRM.intelligence powered by QlikView complement the operative CRM to form a continuous solution. The integrated QlikView Business Intelligence technology allows easy analyses directly in the CRM system . Integrated analysis functionalities offer multi-dimensional possibilities, drill-down and drill-through possibilities, thus providing quick, needs-based analyses, reports, and decision-making aids that are based on them.

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