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CRM Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook

Companies frequently work with a home-grown, complex, and heterogeneous IT infrastructure. CRM integration into the existing IT infrastructure, and especially data exchange with call center and contact center applications, groupware applications, and ERP systems such as inventory management, document management, and HR systems is mandatory today.

CRM Integration

Only with a perfect interplay of CRM with existing third-party systems are flows continuous and efficient. Only the seamless linking of different systems allows an all-round view of all relevant customer data and produces smooth corporate processes without media breaks or data gaps. The optimal connection of different systems using defined processes and interfaces provides required data as needed and thus optimizes the workflows within the company.

In order to implement CRM integration into the existing structures of a company as easily and efficiently as possible, update offers various tools for perfect incorporation into existing system environments. These ensure the easy exchange and correct synchronization of corporate data. This is how the full potential of the individual applications can be used smoothly and synergies can be exploited completely thanks to the interplay with corporate processes.


CRM Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook

Access current CRM data directly in Outlook

CRM.connectLive makes CRM information available directly in your e-mail client. Display sender details as business cards to make contact management easier for all employees who communicate internally and externally – even without access to the CRM system. Identify at a glance whether data is available, display records such as contact history, projects and tickets if needed and link them to specific e-mails.

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Interfaces to your system environment

Bi-directional XML and Web services interfaces and BizTalk connectors

Preconfigured services simplify the integration of CRM functions into your entire application environment, including a variety of ERP systems, so that customer-specific data is synchronized at all times. Both modules, CRM.webservices and CRM.interface are platform-independent and based on SOAP and XML, and they allow a data exchange with any XML-capable systems such as Microsoft BizTalk.

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Telephone integration

For your outgoing and incoming calls

From the technical and process points of view, is deeply embedded in the CRM suite: Inbound and outbound activities are part of the CRM processes of update.CRM. It enables telephoning directly from the CRM solution on through to the automated detection of a caller with subsequent automatic processes. offers the optimal solution for telemarketing and call center applications.

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Appointment, calendar and e-mail synchronization

Integration for your groupware solution

The update.CRM groupware products automatically synchronize e-mails, appointment, and contact data between update.CRM and Microsoft Outlook® or Lotus Notes® and IMAP based solutions such as Gmail, Open-Xchange, Zarafa and Zimbra Collaborations Suite. Thanks to the integration into the CRM solution, your customers' contact history is completed automatically. At the same time, groupware system data can be enriched from the CRM. This is how all customer information is available to all CRM users and groupware users can be incorporated into the CRM process. Each employee therefore - even when using mobile devices - has access to the company-wide communication with your customers.

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