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Mobile CRM allows permanent access to all relevant customer data in your CRM system even from the road. Today, mobile CRM is indispensable for companies with a mobile sales or service team. This is the only way a sales team can stay well-informed at all times and everywhere.

The prerequisite for mobile work with the CRM system is a platform-independent solution that ensures that precisely the CRM data and functions are available that are needed on the road, regardless of which mobile device (smartphone, tablet or laptop) is used. So your employees will always have all the important information they need.

With easy operation, an intuitive user interface, and a minimum of text entry, the mobile CRM solution must also be able to map changed business processes flexibly.

The editing, management, and documentation of customer data from the road

  • improves company-wide internal communication,
  • increases employee productivity, and,
  • due to more efficient business processes, it reduces costs.

Data transfer without time delay and access at any time to the most up-to-date information allows you to react to customer inquiries more quickly. Mobile CRM thus increases customer satisfaction and also sales opportunities.


Mobile CRM to go

More time for the Essentials

CRM.pad - native iPad application - was specially developed for iPad to make all your mobile work even easier. A clear dashboard you can adjust to your individual needs is your personal start page and your mobile CRM access point. You can see all your appointments, tasks to do and the customer location in an interactive road map. The offline availability means you can process all the data saved on the iPad at any time even without an Internet link. Easy use and swift data access make all field-work vastly more efficient – without having to display the entire CRM system.

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CRM for Smartphones

Pocketable Mobile CRM solutions

Mobile CRM Devices iPad, iPhone
Permanent online access to your CRM data
Thanks to intelligent search functions, all information about people, companies, and contact history is always available everywhere. Our mobile CRM solutions support a broad spectrum of mobile devices; they allow direct communication from the application; reading of data records; and the location of customers in your area. Especially for your sales and service employees, this is a practical expansion of the CRM solution.

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Your client for when you are on the road

Complete online database available offline

Even without a permanent Internet connection, continued access to all data. The data comparison and synchronization takes place using sophisticated data replication.


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