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Social CRM: Communication on all Channels

Social CRM integrates social media into classic CRM and allows the incorporation of information from Web 2.0 into existing corporate processes.

What does CRM have to do with social media?

In customer relationship management, companies orient themselves according to their customers and the associated relationships. Thanks to changed communication behavior, social media are a component of everyday life today; they form a valuable information source and must therefore be incorporated into CRM. The data is stored centrally so that it is accessible to all departments and incorporated seamlessly into proven processes.

Terms such as social media, social Web, and Web 2.0 designate Internet applications that allow users to publish and exchange information. Ratings, criticism, and comments are possible and visible to the public. Social CRM allows the use of this information and communication on new channels in order to support customers as well as possible and interact with them.

As opposed to social media monitoring, social CRM integrates the results from social media platforms directly into the CRM system. The benefit for companies lies in the immediate linking with operative CRM.




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