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For more than 25 years, update has been a valued partner and provider of industry-specific CRM solutions to our customers. Our long-standing experience supports fast and flexible optimization of sales, marketing and service processes for international companies. 

Customer Experience Transformation: Welcome to a new era for CRM

Together with our new majority shareholder Aurea, we are going to introduce a new era for our customers:

“update and Aurea take customer Relationship Management to the next level: Customer Experience Transformation (CXT).”

Pure CRM is a thing of the past. These days it is not enough anymore to just collect customer data to achieve sustained success. The big challenge posed by the dawning “Age of the Customer” is to use the gathered data to the customer’s advantage. The underlying concept is called Customer Experience-Transformation (CXT) and will significantly change the perspective of CRM by using data to transform customer experience. The intelligent use of CRM information makes it possible to deliver innovative and unconventional experiences to your clients at every touch point. To achieve this, specific actions and offers are derived from the analysis of generated customer data to create value for the clients. This is your chance to transform the way you do business with your customers, from the initial contact all the way through to after sales. With the matching technology, update supports companies to create tailored customer experiences. The result is long-term and loyal customers who are also more profitable.

The update client list includes companies such as ALK Abelló, Bawag P.S.K., Daiichi Sankyo, Danfoss, Demag Cranes, Hansgrohe, LBS Nord, MagnaSteyr, Paul Hartmann, Raiffeisen Schweiz, ratiopharm, Reis Robotics, Saint Gobain, Sandoz and UnicreditBank Hungary. update also holds strategic partnerships with companies such as Atos, Sopra Steria and several reknown European hosting partners.

You can only support the success of a business you understand. That is why our strong industry focus and long-standing project experience are integral to our company philosophy, from product development all the way to customer care.

We cover industry-specific requirements in the following areas:

  • Manufacturing, Construction & Construction Materials
  • Pharma & Life Science
  • Financial Services
  • Consumer Goods


update’s strategic partnership with Aurea

update’s CRM solutions for sales, marketing and service processes currently serves 200,000 happy users across 1,600 companies. Their trust has helped to sustain update’s top position in the CRM market for many years. Thanks to the combination of update’s CRM solution with our majority shareholder Aurea’s Customer Experience Platform, new opportunities arise:

A global enterprise with 1,000+ staff members and situated in Austin, Texas (USA), Aurea serves 4,000 international customers. This strategic partnership means an extended, CXT-oriented product portfolio for update customers, and also global support as well as a focus on certain industries. Tried-and-tested enterprise products are integrated into the Customer Experience Platform, providing functionalities such as ERP, BPM and APM.

Our top priority – your company’s success

update provides you with a customer success program. Our goal is 100% success for you. What does success mean? You decide, using clearly defined, measurable goals, for example, 25% increase in EBIT, a cost decrease of 30% per transaction or 5% less churn.

This extended strategy means our customers and partners will have many benefits for our clients.
Our goal is to provide strong service and consulting competencies. We want to utilize an extensive product portfolio
around CXT to the benefit of our customer’s business goals.“
Christian Stadlmann, Chief Sales Officer and Board of Directors

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Christian Stadlmann
Christian Stadlmann
Chief Sales Officer