Analytical CRM

Be able to comfortably analyze company data directly in your CRM system without requiring specific technical knowledge.

Big Business with Big Data

Give complex and heterogeneous data meaning with CRM.intelligence.

Do you really know all parts of your company inside out, or are there still a few blind spots when it comes to your strategic planning? Do you know ...

  • if your customer segmentation is still targeted enough?
  • how an intensified service is impacting on a certain territory?
  • your customers’ buying patterns?

Building on the technology of our partner Qlik, update’s analytical CRM solution CRM.intelligence helps you get ahead on the road to economic success. Operational data and operating figures can be condensed into meaningful diagrams and tables directly in the CRM system. Dashboards as well as reports are fast and tailored to your requirements, answering your business-related questions with only a few simple clicks.

How it works
CRM.intelligence has access to existing data in your CRM system and aggregates it to operating figures. You can analyze your data with a prepared dashboard which is integrated into update.CRM and tailored to your industry.
You can choose between many options such as product hierarchy, a timeline, organizational structures etc. Imagine, for example, you are looking at turnover figures. A single mouse click provides you with details on:
  • the turnover of selected products or any combination of products, helping you create offer packages and more.
  • how turnover developed over various periods of time or in comparison to last year, enabling you to take seasonality into account when taking decisions.
  • which tasks for teams or departments are relevant and prioritized.

CRM.intelligence is available for the update.CRM suite under either the SaaS or in-house licensing model, and can also be used on the go with CRM.pad.

Who is it for?

  • Area or group managers
  • Field sales teams
  • IT executives
  • Top level management and decision makers



Solving the enigma of Big Data

Our factsheet reveals how you can analyze your company data fast and easy in your CRM.

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