CRM in the Consumer Goods Industry

Our industry-specific CRM processes enable field staff and key account managers to work even closer together.

CRM in the Consumer Goods Industry
Why choose an industry-specific CRM solution?
We have over 26 years experience with CG processes.

Demographic change, own-label products and a heightened price sensitivity have been causing consumer behaviour to change. Stay ahead of the competition and utilize tomorrow’s potential today, working with a CRM tailored to your industry. We determine the needs of your marketing and sales employees and incorporate these into suitable sales processes. The result: Your fields staff and key account managers work together as a team, benefiting from optimized order processes, POS analyses and the ability to communicate in realtime via mobile devices. 

Our clients speak for themselves:
Bahlsen, Hassia Mineralquellen, Mäurer & Wirtz, Shimano, TechniSat, XXXLutz and many more.

“Our new CRM solution means that key account managers and field reps are even better connected than before, communication has improved, particularly concerning special offers and product listings and we are quicker to react to the market.”
Mathias Schlüter, Sales Director at Bahlsen Germany
Four Arguments for update.CRM in the Consumer Goods Industry
  1. Improve efficiency with the seamless networking of key account managers and field staff
  2. POS monitoring process allows product information to be entered quickly
  3. Store customer orders and order goods on-site at the click of a button
  4. Save up to one hour a day of post-processing thank to mobile CRM*
* analysis of companies such as TechniSat
Typical industry-specific challenges that update.CRM helps you master include:

Do you want to improve collaboration between key account managers and your sales team?
Instead of maintaining data in isolated Excel sheets, employees at satellite specialists TechniSat all share the same knowledge base thanks to update.CRM. If the situation changes for a key account manager, field reps are brought up to date with a single click. Both can then immediately react to price changes or delays in product deliveries.

Are you looking for a truly innovative and mobile CRM system?
“CRM on the go” and modern mobile devices also improve motivation. Biscuit manufacturer Bahlsen went down this route with the introduction of update.CRM, much to the joy of its employees. Instead of using laptops, Bahlen’s employees now use the native iPad app, CRM.pad, to present sales documents, stand-up displays and promotional activities.

Do you want to strengthen your brand and recapture shelf space from retailers’ own brands?
update can support you in this endeavor with our social CRM offerings. Integrated monitoring tools provide you with insights into what your customers have to say about your brand on the internet. These insights not only save you money otherwise spent on external studies, but also make it easy to initiate targeted group-specific promotional campaigns and increase brand loyalty.



Thanks to update, Villiger easily ...

manages client contacts using the visit scheduling and improves customer communication.



Sales and Service has priority Nr. 1

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Christian Stadlmann
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