Revolutionary Approach to Introducing your CRM System

CRM implementation with update

update has developed a systematic approach which places your individual goals at the forefront and includes optimal support for the introduction and further development of your CRM system.

This method is based on more than 20 years of experience in the field of CRM and the expertise acquired from numerous international CRM projects. The step-by-step deployment and continual further development of your CRM system ensures long term success. We view the introduction of a CRM system as a journey, and have devised our approach accordingly.

update methodology accompanies you on your journey towards reaching your company goals using four phases: “assess”, “setup”, “rollout” and "enhance”. Along the way, your personal industry expert - your principal - provides you with ongoing support and in-depth advice.



Our standard industry solutions can be deployed immediately, allowing you to start using the CRM system quickly.
Start with the processes that are most important to you and flexibly expand the system according to your needs.
Your personal contact partner supports you from the start and accomanies you throughout the further developement of your system.
Regular check-ups evaluate your needs and allow the system to be updated accodingly - the long-term future of your CRM system is guaranteed.
CRM Implementation & Enhancement

Successful Introduction of your CRM System

Assessment Phase

At the start of your CRM journey, we will together define your targets, requirements and the scope of your CRM system. By involving key users at an early stage, we ensure a high level of user acceptance for the solution. In this phase, your team is already supported by your principal (your personal point of contact) and a technical consultant. The technical consultant documents all project-relevant information, while your principal focuses on overseeing the workshops. This ensures that our team understands both your business needs and your technical implementation, so that the goals you have defined are fully met.

Setup Phase

We will implement your CRM system on the basis of our comprehensive industry solution, which we will customize to meet your individual needs. This means you can start out using predefined processes and thus can quickly achieve your first results. Integrating the CRM system within your existing system environment is part of the implementation.

Rollout Phase

During this phase, you will prepare your company for the moment your CRM system goes live. All customizations are applied to the production system, the initial data is imported and the automated interfaces are set up. At the same time, your internal project communication and training your users pave the way for the successful introduction of the CRM system. Once this phase has been completed, our Support Center also becomes involved, and provides you with support for your live system.


Ongoing Enhancement Cycles


Further customization of your CRM system takes place in enhancement cycles, which start out with a customer care workshop. The following steps are the same as at the start of your CRM journey.

Around three months after your system first goes live, you and your principal will together verify that your targets have been met. Through working with the CRM system on a day-to-day basis, you will know whether active processes are customized optimally to meet your needs or require adapting or extending.

To ensure that your CRM system grows along with your requirements, we recommend that enhancement cycles take place once per year. As we are continually expanding our CRM solution, new features are available regularly. During the customer care workshops, we will together evaluate whether any customizations and additional processes would be beneficial and decide on the subsequent steps.

Principal (your personal contact person)

Our experience has shown us that providing your project team with support through a central contact person (principal) ensures that communication is improved significantly, which can be a decisive factor in the success of projects.

Our principal is therefore on hand to support you from the start of the project, thus getting to know and understand your requirements. Furthermore, your principal will also accompany you throughout the process of enhancing your system.

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Christian Stadlmann
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