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CRM Integration

Integrate your CRM system seamlessly into your existing IT landscape – from calendar entries and e-mails to ERP systems.

Integrating CRM into IT landscapes

Your IT structure has grown over the years and developed into a multi-layered and complex conglomerate of software systems from various providers? This might cause you sleepless nights when introducing another new system. But don’t worry: our CRM will be integrated in no time – to the envy of our competitors such as SAP.*

update.CRM can be integrated with ERP systems such as SAP, inventory or document management and HR systems in a painfree way. With obvious advantages for you:

  • No pesky interfaces, data or media gaps. Your data is available exactly when required.
  • All customer data is seamlessly linked, allowing you a 360° view and providing higher process efficiencies.
  • Use single applications glitch-free and utilize their synergies.

To make integrating CRM into your existing structure as easy and efficient as possible, various tools are available.

*At a live CRM system competition update beat SAP with regards to integration (CRM-expo, Stuttgart 2013)


Harmonize e-mails, calendar entries and personal contacts between groupware systems such as Microsoft Exchange or IBM Lotus Domino.

CRM.connector >


An Outlook Plug-in to deliver CRM info directly to your e-mail client.

CRM.connectLive >

CRM.interface & CRM.webservices

Manage the data exchange between the CRM and other applications, acting as bi-directional XML and web service interfaces.

CRM.interface & CRM.webservices >


All call center and contact center application functionality combined with your CRM solution. The perfect way to work with inbound and outbound calls.

CRM.phone >

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Christian Stadlmann
Christian Stadlmann
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