Web-based CRM with included processes for marketing, sales, and service.

The cornerstone of your customer relationship management

With update.CRM you will lay the foundation for successful and professional customer relationship management. All customer data can be maintained in one central place. The ready-to-use, web-based CRM solution supports all industry-specific processes for sales, marketing and service relating to:

  • Engineering and manufacturing industries
  • Construction and construction supplies industries
  • Pharma and medical engineering
  • Financial services
  • Consumer goods
  • Other industries
Your 360-degree customer view

The 360-degree customer view offers you a clear picture of the most important customer data and activities - for a comprehensive overview and improved synergies between departments.

Customise your user interface easily

Thanks to the flexible interface, users are able to master up to 90% of all necessary functionalities after only one day. The result: reduced training requirements, great user acceptance and higher efficiency.

Base your decisions on correct data

Analyze key benchmarks quickly and base your decisions on the correct figures. You can set the right priorities and take effective action fast.

Create extraordinary customer experiences

update.CRM not only helps your deliver personalized customer service, but also an outstanding customer experience - even if you have a large customer base.

CRM for Your Role
CRM in Sales

CRM for sales teams

update.CRM provides sales employees with the necessary tools to remain a step ahead of the competition in a dynamic market - covering sales management, opportunity management and offer management.

CRM for sales teams >

CRM in Marketing

CRM for marketing teams

update.CRM for marketing covers contacting clearly-defined target groups, efficient lead and campaign management, and the ability to measure the success of your marketing activities.

CRM for marketing teams >

CRM in Service

CRM for service teams

update.CRM includes seamless processes for service teams, ranging from managing maintenance to assigning service tasks to technicians based on their skills and availability.

CRM for service teams >

Your ticket to the future: Customer Experience Transformation

Extraordinary experiences for customers are an essential prerequisite in the face of ever-growing competition. Professional customer relationship management is only a first step. This is why we will take it to the next level Customer Experience Transformation (CXT). Find out how, with this new approach, you can create a world of extraordinary experiences for your customers and build a long-term and loyal relationship.

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Your Buyer's Guide

Which features in a CRM solution suit your company? These guidelines help you choose the right solution.



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implemented common processes for their sales teams in 17 companies across 10 countries.

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